Men’s Draw Schedule – Club Nationals 2013

Post Round Robin Standings

Round Robin play is complete, and the playoff seedings are as follows:

  1. Team Horsman (Coyotes Curling Club)
  2. Team Schaak (Evergreen Curling Club)
  3. Team Maxie (Coyotes Curling Club)
  4. Team Seeger (San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club)
  5. Team McBride (Orange County Curling Club)
  6. TBD – Tiebreak game to be played at 4pm – Team Dolan vs. Team Kimbel

Playoff Draw Chart:



Event Format

The Men’s MoPac Club Nationals Playdown will be Divisional Round Robin play with 6 Playoff ‘Qualifiers’ (4 Group winners and 2 additional teams).  A Double Knock-Out provision in group play will be employed.  Every team with less than 2 losses will be eligible for the Tie-Breaks and Playoffs.  Group winners will be seeded Qualifiers 1-4.  Other qualified teams will play Tie-Breaks (if necessary) for the Q5 + Q6 positions.  Playoffs will be single elimination with the #1 and #2 seeds receiving a bye into the Semi-finals. Playoff 1 will be #3 v #6 and #4 v #5

pdf of full event rules and format

Round Robin Groups

Round Robin Draw Schedule

Tie-Breaks and Playoffs Schedule                                                                                          (Number of draws to be determined after RR and dependent on # of Qualified Teams)

Tie-Break Chart

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