Club Nationals 2012

Apologies… We do not have the Women’s playdown results readily available.

Group 1
Team              Club                Record
Taggart           Ogden CC            4-0
McBride          OCCC                   2-2
Didier              Boise CC               2-2
DeVreeze        HCC                      2-2
Basrak             Park City CC       0-4

Group 2
Team              Club                 Record
Seeger              SFBACC               4-0
Gomez              Park City CC       2-2
Maxie               Coyotes CC          2-2
Marschall         SFBACC               2-2
Puente              SFBACC               0-4

Group 3
Team                 Club                 Record
Mendoza             HCC                     3-1
Wiesen                SFBACC              3-1
Brown                 Coyotes CC         2-2
Horsman            Coyotes CC          2-2
Jackson-Smith  Cache Valley       0-4

Playoff Seeding:
1. Seeger (San Francisco Bay Area CC)
2. Taggart (Ogden CC)
3. Wiesen (San Francisco Bay Area CC)
4. Mendoza (Hollywood CC)

Final Results:
Taggart     *Winner
Mendoza   *Runner Up
Seeger       *Third
Wiesen      *Fourth


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