Mixed Nationals 2014

Mixed Nationals Playdown Information

Date: January 10-12, 2014

Teams (in order of seeding):

  • Fred Maxie, Marissa Messier, Cortney Watson, Carol Ann Naso (Coyotes/Composite)
  • Kevin Rutherford, Eleanor Robertson, Art Placek, Kathy Placek (Evergreen)
  • Adam Endicott, Liza Beres, Brian Walsh, Marychello Brown (San Diego/Composite)
  • Stephanie Jensen, Parker Shook, Cindy Wood, Alan Larson (Hollywood)
  • Jesus Barajas, Jessica Tudor, Evan Elliott, Kate Garfinkel (San Francisco)
  • Alan Schmaltz, Stefanie Smith, Jesse Coull, Kelly McCormack (San Diego
  • Glenda Carr, Jared Belsher, Rhiannon Avery, Vince Carlson (Boise)

Live scoring will be available on www.bonspieler.com
Live streaming will be available at www.ustream.tv/channel/evergreencurling

The format is double knock out with a consolation bracket for a 4-game guarantee.

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