POSITION: Director-at-Large Candidates:

Peg Anderson

My name is Peg Anderson and I did my first Learn To Curl at the Wine Country Curling Club in September of 2021.  I’ve always been fascinated by curling during the Winter Olympics and it was the first “to do” item on my bucket list when I retired after 34 years at Johnson & Johnson.  Although I grew up in northern Minnesota, we did not have curling in my small town.  Needless to say, I haven’t made much progress on my bucket list since I got hooked on curling!  I started league play in January 2022 and haven’t stopped since.  I’ve participated in five Bonspiels and I have a sixth Bonspiel on the calendar this summer.  I received the Spirit of Curling Sportsmanship Award at the MoPac 5&U in Denver this April.  I am assisting the CEO of USA Curling with fund raising activities and can bring that knowledge and experience to the MoPac Board.  I believe with my passion for curling, my business acumen, and my work with USA Curling that I would be an asset as an At Large Director on the MoPac Board.      

Jay Diamond

Jay Diamond starting curling with jam-cans on outdoor hockey rinks in Winnipeg, Canada. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1990, joining the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club in the early 2000s, and has been a member of multiple curling clubs since (currently SVCC, SFBACC, WCCC, and Granite CCC).

Curling in California for more than 20 years, he’s taught thousands of people to curl as a volunteer instructor, served two terms as Membership Director for San Francisco, and has served on the Board of Directors of MoPac since 2018. For his contributions, MoPac presented him with the Tim Irish Volunteer Service Award in 2018. He’s curled both competitively (winning a silver medal at the 2018 Arena National event), and recreationally (in countless bonspiels around the continent).

Mr. Diamond started California Curling Supplies in 2011, taking him all over the state (sometimes on a motorcycle) to deliver gear and grow the sport.

Off ice, Jay, Mr. Diamond is an award-winning author, patent holder, and public speaker, has earned two masters degrees, and holds two citizenships. He has built & run a $100M marketing program, managed the largest account for a Fortune 50 company, and built/run/sold a technology company. He currently consults for technology start-up companies on business and technology strategy.

“Curlers are my people. I disagree with many of them on politics, religion, and philosophy, but all that matters when we’re on the ice is treating each other with respect and sportsmanship. Curling makes society better.”

Beki Horsman


Adam Price

Greetings MoPac! I’m Adam Price, and San Francisco Bay Area has been my home club since I started curling in 2018. I’ve played both socially and competitively, traveling for spiels at nearly every opportunity and meeting curlers across the US (and beyond), including many MoPac members. I’ve also been an active volunteer at my home club, working on ice crew as well as various other duties. I believe the next few years will offer unique opportunities for curling in the west to grow and to make an impact in the greater curling community. It’s to that end that I would like to serve and represent you all on the board. My goals are to support programming that expands membership in our region, and to ensure opportunities for our existing members to grow as athletes. Thank you for your consideration!

POSITION: Secretary

Chris Bilbrey

Chris Bilbrey’s fascination with curling began many years ago in the comfort of her own home as a curious observer of Olympic athletes throwing and sweeping rocks down an exceptionally long sheet of ice. At that time, Chris found the sport intriguing and inspiring, but never dreamed it would become one of her greatest passions. 

Chris’ curling journey started the summer of 2017 with a casual invite to a Sunday morning Learn to Curl where she immediately fell in love. Chris learned very quickly that curling isn’t just a sport rather a lifetime of opportunities to foster friendships, build community, and ensure the spirit of curling shines brightly.

Chris has been an active Wine Country Curling Club curler and MOPAC member for over 6 years. She supports the sport and spirit of curling by always jumping in feet first to serve her curling community. Whether teaching and mentoring new curlers or volunteering to support the next latest and greatest bonspiel, Chris brings creativity, commitment, flexibility and dedication to all she does.

Off the ice, Chris utilizes her education and extensive experience in the field of wellness and health promotion to provide ongoing support for the broader community. She has served as board secretary and treasurer for multiple local non-profits and currently chairs several regional and statewide workgroups, committees and collaboratives. As a potential MOPAC Board of Directors member, Chris envisions applying her skills and knowledge gained through life experience to help drive the region forward, shaping new opportunities for a thriving, passionate, enthusiastic curling community that is accepting of all and centered on the spirit of curling.

Marc Pardee

I’m excited to be nominated to serve as Secretary for the MoPac board! Curling has been a great way to meet new people and engage in friendly competition. I want to serve MoPac to help grow and expand the inclusive, friendly, and competitive community that helps make curling such a great sport. My home club is the Utah Olympic Oval Curling Club, I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie of getting to know fellow curlers in bonspiels (like the cross-border bonspiel in Calgary), and outside of curling I’m a fan of all winter sports.