Eligibility/Team Composition

Please refer to the USCA ‘Rules Booklet’ for eligibility criteria.

2020-21 USCA Rules of Curling & Competition Coming Soon. For information, contact the Jenny Biadasz, USA Curling Director of Team Administration or Dean Gemmell, Director of Curling Development.

This is not a complete list of requirements.
However, of note:
– Players must be based out of the same MoPac/USCA affiliated club.
– All team members must be dues-paying, league-playing members of that club.
– Players need to be US residents (see rules booklet for wording)

Team Selection Process

Due to restrictions on venue size, it may not be possible for every eligible team to compete in the MoPac Playdowns. All actively curling MoPac clubs will be allowed at least 1 team into MoPac playdowns. A progressive lottery will be used to allocate additional berths if more teams register than can be accommodated.


If a team registers and subsequently backs out after the internal deadline, a refund cannot be guaranteed. In addition, if the team is not cleared to play in our region due to team composition issues after the USCA deadline, a refund may not be guaranteed. Teams will have to submit a refund request to the USCA Event Coordinator.


Please direct any further questions to the MoPac Competitions Chairperson