The MoPac election cycle is underway. This year we have 4 positions open for election: two are officer positions – Vice President and Secretary and two are At Large Directors.

Click on the titles of each for a description of duties and roles:

Election nominations will be accepted until May 22nd. Please send all nominations to: nominations@mopacca.org. When submitting a nomination please include the nominee’s home club and, preferably, their email or phone number if known. Once a nominee accepts their nomination, they may be asked for short candidacy statements (max 500 words) which will be shared with the MoPac Club Representative Assembly.

During the last few years curling events have been on hold or slow to return. No longer!  Three upcoming tournaments show that regional events continues to appear on the horizon. The MoPac leadership is pleased to announce the latest two additions to the season: the MoPac Senior Bonspiel and the MoPac Mixed Doubles Championship.

On April 21-23, 2023, MoPac will be hosting the 5&Under at Denver Curling Club.  As in past 5&U’s the focus is on curling camaraderie and the discovery of the ‘bonspiel mystique’ for those with less than 5 years of curling experience. At the same time a parallel event will be played at Denver. This event is strictly for curlers age 50 plus. Any years of curling experience are welcomed for these players.

A Seniors’ event has long been requested by players throughout the region. While not yet a Championship, this event if meant to help test the region’s ability to host a yearly senior’s event. We hope that giving age 50+ curlers a chance to play together will lead to greater interest not only in regional play but also in national and international senior competitions. Players can sign up as teams or as individuals who will be placed on a team.  Registration opens March 20th at 3pm PDT. Register here.

In addition to the Senior Bonspiel, MoPac is bringing back the popular Mixed Doubles Championship. After a hiatus since 2019 the much loved event returns from May 19-21, 2023 at Coyotes Curling Club.

What is Mixed Doubles?  Two players versus two players. The game uses five stones per end, and eight ends per game. The game is fast and thrilling.  For those who play in mixed double leagues at their club, now is their chance to put their learned skills against those from other clubs in the region. The MoPac event is expected to fill up so if a team has an interest, they should consider signing up soon. Registration opens March 21st at 4pm PDT.   Register here.

2019 Mixed Doubles Champions, Katie and Brian Feldman. Photo courtesy of Evergreen Curling

For these upcoming events it’s time to get your teams together, sign up and be ready to show off your skills!

As the year comes to an end, we wish all curlers happy and safe holidays. We also bring you the following message from the Regional Board’s President:

Yes, Virginia, there is a Spirit of Curling. It lies in the palm of a handshake or fist bump at the first wording of “Good curling.” In times when we no longer speak of certain things without fierce disagreement there is a spirit, though battered, of kindly smiles and “you almost had it” praises on shots gone awry and nods of “well done” on shots gone as planned.

And what is the game at any rate? A couple of hours on icy rivers where stones live and brooms wave their granite to glory. The focus is not on the monetary cost. Nor is the focus typically on anything but the next shot or this end or the next end. This year, however, the focus was also off-ice as several contentious votes and battles often strained friendships. Even so, let’s remember those friendships with happy nostalgia and work to mend and strengthen them once more through that small shard of curling spirit which lies dormant waiting for its time – the spirit which surfaces as soon as a curler steps on the ice.

To not believe in the Spirit of Curling is unthinkable. It would not be the same game. It creates a bond between anyone who calls themselves a curler – no matter the club or region or country. While the spirit of the holidays makes people joyous and generous it may often be short-lived for the season but the Spirit of Curling is for all days. So for all days I wish you “Good Curling, my friend.”  See you in 2023.

Several weeks have passed since the Members Assembly meeting. During this time MoPac Board members continue to receive not only questions about the Assembly but also other questions about the MoPac governance and role. To better assist curlers in the region explore the role of the regional body, the MoPac Board decided to host a MoPac Curlers’ Forum to give all curlers, not just the club representatives, a chance to meet the Board and discuss issues of relevance to curlers.  The Forum is scheduled for Saturday, December 3, 2022 at 5:00 pm PST/6:00 pm MST.  

For those who are not able to attend but who still have lingering questions about MoPac’s involvement with the Members’ Assembly, we have enclosed a detailed discussion in this message.  We hope this answers some of the more commonly asked questions about this year’s Assembly.

For its part MoPac delegates attended and voted which became the source of some controversy post-meeting. In an attempt to help curlers understand the happenings of that meeting we wish to provide you with a rundown of the meeting’s votes and aftermath. 

The GNCC vote.

Determination of the GNCC vote was done by means of a survey sent to all MoPac club representatives. The survey was sent out on August 29, 2022 and clubs were given until October 1, 2022 to vote on the proposition. When the vote closed, the MoPac Board examined the percentages of yes/no votes and board representatives were chosen by the Board to attend the Members Assembly and cast votes based on the yes/no survey percentages. The MoPac Board sent an email to all MoPac club representatives explaining the proposed vote. This was sent on October 3, 2022 so clubs, through their representatives, knew of the MoPac’s vote prior to the Members Assembly. At the Assembly, the delegates gave the assigned vote.

The Vote on the Vote Measure.

This measure was not originally planned, rather it was raised as an impromptu motion. As a result, the yes/no split used for the GNCC measure wasn’t applied to this motion.  During the chaotic meeting, questions of individual club membership votes arose. At one point there were several motions on the table as well as other delegates questioning their own allocated votes. In addition many people held side conversations with delegates, asking questions, providing comments etc. which created a sense, if not a real, atmosphere of frustration and chaos. Those delegates responsible for casting votes were simultaneously receiving questions and comments through emails and texts. Prior to the vote on the motion, the delegates discussed their vote. Mistakenly the motion was thought to cover only the club from the delegate making the motion. The no vote was cast because it did not appear fair that one club be allowed their motion to add

their votes while other clubs could not.  After the mistake was identified, MoPac submitted a written request to have their vote changed and submitted information as to their reasoning and the circumstances surrounding the vote.

We hope this information clarifies questions about the vote situation. Again, we plan to host a MoPac Curlers’ Forum on December 3rd at 5:00 pm PST/6:00 MST to discuss any lingering questions. 

Thank you,

Sonia Montero, President

Dr. Pete Hicks, Vice-President

Stefan Brems, Secretary

Matthew Merkle, Treasurer

Jay Diamond, Director-At-Large

Beki Horsman, Director-At-Large

Julie Mcann, Director-At-Large

Ryan Olson, Director-At-Large

BriAnna Weldon, Past President

Forum signin information is below.

As the Arizona sun set in late October, MoPac debuted its long-awaited 25 & Under Spiel!  Planned to debut in the fall of 2020, the pandemic forced a shelving of this long-awaited event until our members felt safe enough to begin traveling again. Finally, after two long years of waiting, the first stones started sliding from October 21-23, 2022 in Tempe Arizona.  So what happened?  The spiel saw the return of camaraderie among the teams from seven clubs as they played for a chance to win unique medals inspired by our host, Coyotes Curling Club

In addition to the spiel, the 25&U event held a Hot Shots contest allowing teams of two to use their experience to perfect three difficult shots. Winners walked away with a cash prize and a celebratory cactus! Coming out of a two-year pandemic period, many curlers were eager to use the event to reconnect with old friends and mingle with the newer curlers. 25&U committee member and attendee of the event Stefan Brems said, “It was such a blast to see long-lost friends, meet new ones, and finally get back down to Coyote’s beautiful facility. Everyone had a really great time, and our host did the most amazing job helping us make this new event a success!” 
The planning committee hopes to hold the 25 & Under in future years as a traveling spiel where clubs can visit the various club facilities in the region.  What makes the 25 & Under so different from, say the 5 & Under, is the eligibility to play: the team must have 25 years or under in curling experience in total OR a 20+ year veteran can have new curlers that total 5 or less years (20 plus 5 = 25) play as a team (provided the veteran cannot throw skips stones.  The eligibility rules allow for a variety of teams to enter.  Plans are already being made for next year’s 25 & Under event and the planning committee has begun planning for more activities and amenities, including live streaming, for 2023. If you have any feedback on the event, please feel free to reach out to the planning committee at: 25U@mopacca.org

For a glimpse at the 25&Under event, please visit our photo gallery: https://www.facebook.com/MoPac25U/photos

USCA has recently announced the inclusion of stick curlers and wheelchair curlers in 2022 Arena Nationals Championship.

In addition, USCA is set to publish a Rule book which clarifies whether arena club members who curled at dedicated ice facilities can play. Under the Rule, a player may sub at a dedicated facility’s league ten (10) times or less per season (season running from Jan 1 to December 31) and still be eligible to play in the 2022 Arena Nationals Championship.  Membership in a club curling on dedicated ice is not, in itself, a disqualifier.

Given this new information, MoPac is extending the date to register a team for the MoPac Arenas Selection process. The new registration deadline is 5:00pm (PDT) September 6, 2022. Selection of the final four (4) MoPac berths (2 men’s teams/2 women’s teams) will still take place on September 10, 2022.

Registration link to sign up for selection process.


Selection process for the MoPac berths to the 2022 Arena National Championships Now Open!  MoPac is taking registrations for the opportunity to be considered to represent the region at the 2022 Arena National Championships taking place from November 3 – 6, 2022 in Eveleth, Minnesota at Club Mesabi. 

Interested teams must register no later than September 2, 2022. Selection for the four available berths (2 Mens and 2 Womens) will happen on September 10, 2022!!!

Register today!


Coming this Fall: the inaugural MoPac 25 & Under. You asked for it and it’s coming!

Where: Coyotes Curling Club, Tempe Arizona

What is a 25 & Under? The total number of a team’s curling experience must total 25 years or less.

How do I calculate the time? See the eligibility guidelines under the 25 & Under tab.

Registration is first come, first serve, but please take note of the deadline dates below.

Game play will start on Friday morning with the first draw as early as 8:00am (depends on the amount of teams registered). Sunday events including afternoon finals followed by award ceremonies so be prepared to make travel plans accordingly.

Starting on August 8th, the first 2 teams from each MoPac club who sign up are guaranteed a spot. Club majority is determined when 3 or more members are from the same club. Other teams will be added to a waitlist and will be added as space allows after August 15th. If you are not part of the first 2 teams from your club that is registered, make sure to get on the waitlist because rarely does the committee turn a team away!

Team registration fee is $320 payable to MoPac via PayPal. A link will be sent out once your team registration has been confirmed.

Determining eligibility: 
Questions regarding eligibility can be directed to the 25&U committee (25u@mopacca.org) and the committee will make any and all final determinations.

Read about it here.

For those in the LA area on Saturday, May 21st, the Curling Mexico and the World Curling Federation are bringing their Olympic Celebration Tour to LA! Members of the public can sign up for a FREE 60-minute Learn-To-Curl session at the Southern California Curling Center and learn from their instructors as well as Olympic Curling Gold Medalist Tyler George, and Curling Mexico athlete Adriana Camarena. Also on hand will be staff from Rock Solid Productions Inc. who bring floor curl and street curling to the public. Anyone in the LA area is welcomed to see the event. Now is the time to get more people trying out the sport. If you know of anyone who may be interested, they can sign up at CURLING.LA/OCT

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