Six years ago I promised to do all I could to help the region as the MoPac Board President. As I term out of office today, I reflect on the implausible events that I could not have imagined when I made that promise (ie. pandemic, George Floyd movement, GNCC referendum, USA Curling Board changes, new membership fees structure). We navigated the best we could as the Regional Board. Along the way we added new events (Seniors, 25&U), revived the MoPac Mixed Doubles, became a 5&U qualifier to National 5&U and were blessed to see gifted curlers find their way. Throughout this time I have had the great fortune of working with MoPac Board members who show a passion for the sport (on and off the ice) as well as a compassion for people. I am grateful to every last one of them for sharing their talents, insights, time and patience. I am also thankful to MoPac Committee members who make the actual magic happen and to the club leaders and representatives who advocate so fiercely to grow and strengthen their clubs. It is a collective, volunteer effort that keeps the game vibrant within the region. Thank you for allowing me to pitch in and to be a part of this incredible effort.

I am excited for the incoming President under whose leadership the regional body will only grow stronger. More about the new President will be posted tomorrow.

A Note of Thanks