• Teams must total no more than twenty-five (25) curling seasons when totaling each team member’s curling seasons; 
  • Teams collectively totaling more than twenty-five (25) curling seasons shall not be eligible to compete. (Please don’t confuse ‘season’ with ‘how many years have I curled?’)
    • Interpretation:
      • The curling ‘season’ starts every January 1st and ends December 31st. Note: do not forget that 2022 must also be assessed – starting on January 1st and running to October 21st
        (This need not be ‘continuous’ seasons curling and includes ALL individual games, leagues and bonspiels within the calendar year)
      • Ten (10) or more games anywhere/anytime during a ‘season’ constitutes 1 season of experience
      • Junior Curling (12+) experience counts the same as adult experience towards the twenty-five (25) curling seasons.
    • Each participant is responsible for determining his/her eligibility and is on the ‘honor system’ for 2022 and shall be certified to the MoPac 25-Under Committee, using the registration entry form and past records. 
    • A team may have any form of combination of the twenty-five (25) curling seasons. For example, player 1 with 19 years, player 2 with 2 years, player 3 with 2 years, and player 4 with 1 year; OR player 1 with 7 years, player 2 with 6 years, player 3 with 6 years, and player 4 with 6 years; OR any combination of curling seasons which total 25 for the team.
    • Teams under twenty-five (25) curling seasons are also encouraged to participate. For example, player 1 with 6 years, player 2 with 6 years, player 3 with 2 years, and player 4 with 1 year would be eligible to play.
    • The 25-Under is intended for four-person teams. A team must have all four players present at the start of its first game. If an unforeseen circumstance arises, a team may be allowed to start competition with three players — if they have approval from the event organizers.
    • Once the competition is underway, if a player is unavailable to play, a team may choose to play with three players or use a sub or alternate. If a sub/alternate is brought in, all players on the ice must remain within the 25-year limit.
  • Each member of the team must be in good standing and a current dues paying member of a club in MoPac.

Eligibility Example:

Curler ‘x’ started curling on March 15, 2021…and it is December 2021. Curler ‘x’ may be assuming they haven’t curled even a ‘year’ yet….so, 0 is written.  However, this needs to be broken down to ‘seasons’. In this case, if Curler ‘x’ played 10 or more games between March 2021 and December 31, 2021…that counts for 1 ‘season’ experience. If they have played 10 or more games (or will play by the time of the 25 &Under) between January 1, 2022 and this October 2022…that will be 2 ‘years’ of experience that should be designated in the form.

Hopefully using a calendar year is an easy way to calculate a curling year for 25 & Under purposes but if you have any questions feel free to ask questions if it’s unclear.

Note: We ask that every player use this formula and apply it accurately. We have no problem working through this with any participant individually if there are any questions. The committee appreciates everyone’s efforts in taking the time to use the guidelines and apply them to the best of their ability for accurate reporting in the Spirit of Curling and fairness to present and future participants…again, it’s really appreciated! The 25-Under Committee reserves the right to make any final determinations on eligibility. Questions? Contact us at: 25U@mopacca.org

Game Play

  • All games will be 8 ends (max).
  • The team that has the least amount of ‘total years experienceʼ will have choice of the hammer or rock color in the first end. If teams are tied on yrs exp, a coin toss will be used to determine hammer or rock color.
  • No new end shall start after the 2:00 hour mark from the drawʼs start time.
  • All tie games after ‘final’ end is played will be determined by one draw to the button by each team, closest to the pin, will be the winner. Find a neutral third party to oversee. Throw rocks again if neither rock rests in the house.
  • The 2022-2023 USCA Rules of Curling will apply to all games (Rules available off ice) This includes the use of the 5-Rock Rule.
    Please measure your own rocks. If necessary, contact an official or neutral third party if you are unable to agree on a measure.
  • Please note that you may measure a free guard stone with the 6ʼ measure stick, if agreement cannot be reached on whether it is touching the house. No other stones can be measured until the completion of an end.
  • For assistance on rulings, officials will be any situationally neutral member of the 25 & Under committee or any member of the ice crew, if one is present. Please quickly seek out a neutral third party for assistance if none of the above individuals are available.
  • Any team not ready to play 1-15 minutes after the scheduled time shall be penalized one end and one point, and an additional end and point if the delay is between 15 and 30 minutes. Last stone advantage will be in favor of the non-offending team. 10. Weʼd like to ask that a member of the winning teams in each draw help the ice crew by sweeping the hack and the sideboards.