April 21-23, 2023

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2023 5& Under which was held at Denver Curling Club in Golden, CO.


>>NOTE for 2023 5&U Event: By April 21, 2023 if you have played 10 games since January 2023, then you will be granted a 1-time extension to eligibility in difference to any established eligibility rules. Starting in 2024, the MOPAC 5 & Under will use the USA Curling calendar year (Jan to Dec) to determine eligibility.

  • Members having curled more than (5) curling seasons shall not be eligible to compete except if they may meet the 2023 5&U Event one-time extension. See Note above. (Please don’t confuse ‘season’ with ‘how many years have I curled?’)
    • Interpretation:
      • The curling ‘season’ starts every Jan 1st and ends Dec 31st the following year.
        (this need not be ‘continuous’ seasons curling and includes ALL individual. games, leagues and bonspiels within each Jan 1 to following year’s December 31 time period)
      • Ten (10) or more games anywhere/anytime during a ‘season’ constitutes 1 season of experience
      • Junior curling but not Youth Curling, curling experience counts towards the five (5) curling seasons.
    • Each participant is responsible for determining his/her eligibility and is on the ‘honor system’ for 2023 and shall be certified to the MoPac 5-Under Committee, using the registration entry form and past records.
  • Each member of the team must be in good standing and a current dues paying member of a club in MoPac.

Eligibility Example:

Curler ‘x’ started curling in January, 2022…and it is December, 2022. Curler ‘x’ may be assuming they haven’t curled even a ‘year’ yet….so, 1 year (or even 0) is written.

Note: As a reminder, starting in 2024, the MOPAC 5 & Under will use the USA Curling calendar year (Jan to Dec) to determine eligibility.

In the past, every player has done their best to use this formula and apply it accurately. We have no problem working through this with any participant individually if there are any questions. In some cases, experience has been less or more than a person originally calc’d…but, mostly spot on. The committee has appreciated everyone’s efforts in taking the time to use the guidelines and apply them to their best of their ability for accurate reporting in the spirit of fairness to past, present and future participants…again, it’s been really appreciated!  Questions? Contact us at: 5U@mopacca.org