2023 International Tankard returns to Chilliwack Curling Club

In February 2023 the Canadian Tankard Committee organizers announced the return of the International Tankard.  The MoPac Tankard Committee decided to provide the previously named 2021 Tankard honorees with an opportunity to attend this friendly bonspiel. As you may remember the Tankard was canceled weeks before the Tankard and the honorees did not receive an opportunity to attend. To provide them with this unique opportunity, the honorees were invited to attend the 2023 event. MoPac is happy to announce that the following honorees are attending the event:

  • Al Dawman, Ogden Curling Club
  • Wes Seeger, Coyotes Curling Club
  • Brent Halpenny, Shark’s Ice Oakland
  • Greg Basrak, Park City Curling Club

The 2021 and 2022 International Tankard officially cancelled

After careful consultation by the involved curling governing bodies, both the 2021 and the 2022 International Tankard were canceled due to concerns about the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.  It was a difficult decision to cancel the Tankard but the health and well- being of our participants, volunteers, the host club staff and guests remains the top priority. 

MoPac would like to thank the International Tankard organizers: the Washington State Curling Association (WASCA), the CurlBC Region 11 Committee, the Nanaimo Curling Club Host Committee and finally the Chilliwack Curling Club Host Committee for all of their leadership during these demanding and wearisome times.

The Plan moving forward: 

This year’s Tankard is canceled. All the upcoming International Tankards will be pushed back again by one year. In other words, the Chilliwack Tankard will be pushed back to 2023, Seattle to 2024, Nanaimo to 2025.   


While the International Tankard is canceled for another year, MoPac would like to acknowledge and pay homage to the Boards of all MoPac clubs; during these past three years they continue to be challenged with a unique situation.  Most club boards are made up of volunteers who give of their time and energy to lead their clubs but the past year has tested everyone in the sport and club board members deserve recognition for their loyalty and dedication to the sport.   

In addition to the International Tankard the attendees along with the Honored Volunteers listed below are typically recognized as the Timothy Max Irish Volunteer Service Award recipients for their contributions to their respective clubs and the region as a whole.  Please view the Timothy Max Irish Volunteer Service Award page for information about those separate honors. 


The International Tankard is a legacy event from the old Pacific Coast Curling Association (PCCA) and was passed onto Curl BC’s Region 11. It started in 1962 and was an unwritten agreement between the PCCA and the Washington State Curling Association (WSCA). The first Tankard was held in Victoria, BC. The agreement was to honor club volunteers by sending them to this event. Six teams from each Association meet in a friendly competition with Canadian teams meeting American teams. Each team plays 3 games. That tradition continues to present day. The rotation of the event is two years in BC and one year at the Seattle Granite Club. The BC selection of host club is awarded by Region 11’s International Tankard Committee while WSCA is responsible for the event when held in the United States.

MoPac coordinates nominations and selects by committee the region’s representatives to the Tankard. Look out for worthy volunteers from your home club and encourage their nomination to attend this special event, to be recognized and participate in a weekend of friendly competition and curling fellowship! The nomination cycle typically begins in January.

The program for the weekend generally follows these traditions:

  • Friday night there is no competition, but registration and a meet and greet at the host curling facility.
  • Saturday has the opening ceremonies with anthems, speeches, first rock and a group photograph.
  • Each team plays two games on Saturday and one game on Sunday. The games are of eight ends however, at the end of the fourth, there is a broom stack and the teams move the lounge for a libation.
  • On Saturday night, there is a banquet organized by the host curling club.
  • Sunday’s Closing Ceremonies are a simple affair with presentation of the International Tankard to the winners and presentation of the International Tankard Banner to the next year’s host club. Everyone then joins hands in the singing of Auld Lang Syne and says their goodbyes.

MoPac Additional Honor

In 2018, the MoPac Board added a new honor for those nominated for the International Tankard from the MoPac region: The Timothy Max Irish Volunteer Service Award. This award is given by MoPac to volunteers nominated by their home clubs for excellent service to curling, named in memory of Tim Irish.  Tim was known as a dedicated, hardworking, selfless and earnest man who gave tirelessly to the curling community, helping to grow the sport throughout our entire region. Those who receive this award reflect his dedication and exuberance for curling.

Past Tankard Representatives:

2020 – 58th Annual

2019 – 57th Annual

2018 – 56th Annual
2017 – 55th Annual
2016 – 54th Annual
2015 – 53rd Annual
2014 – 52nd Annual