56th International Tankard | March 24-25, 2018 at the Granite Curling Club in Seattle, Washington.

Congratulations to the following persons who were chosen to represent MoPac by the MoPac International Tankard Committee. Your contributions to your respective clubs and the region as a whole are greatly appreciated!

Chosen Representatives
Laura Crawford, McCall Curling Club
Brian Cristall, Coyotes Curling Club
Sean Franey, San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club
Alice Mansell, Silicon Valley Curling Club/Granite Curling Club of California

Honored Volunteers
Kim Chapin, San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club
Mark Rubey, Ogden Curling Club
Greg Basrak, Park City Curling Club
Bruce Johnson, Wine Country Curling Club
Dwight Okahara, Hollywood Curling Club