We love our volunteers. We love our club members. And we are love those souls who truly live the Spirit of Curling where their acts exemplify curling culture in a positive way. While this award is open to those who volunteer, the focus of the Tim Irish Award is on the positive curling culture created by the nominees. Nominees can volunteer their time, however, it must be clear that their work demonstrates the generous, open-hearted and selfless Spirit of Curling.

  • Examples of positive curling culture is the person who:
  • consistently encourages newbies to broomstack,
  • invites newer curlers to join their league teams or bonspiel teams time and time again,
  • always invites non curlers to participate in Learn to Curl events,
  • is usually able to donate something to better a club’s events such as awards, food etc,
  • demonstrates acts of altruism towards others in their club or at curling events,
  • routinely helps prepare the ice and encourages/teaches other ice techs,
  • coordinates off-ice socials and encourages friendships among curlers of all clubs; or
  • always makes broomstaking a fun experience for experienced and novice curlers alike.
  • These are just some examples of actions done by individuals who deserve recognition for their friendship, camaraderie, love of all things curling – in a word, for their spirit of curling!

The Tim Irish Award is given annually. In the past it was awarded along with the International Tankard recognition in the January timeframe, but it is now a separate recognition awarded later in the curling year. The award is given for those who have shown their Spirit during the last year.

Unlike the International Tankard nominations where clubs are invited to nominate volunteers who help their clubs, any individual who is a member of a MoPac club can nominate another individual who is a member of any MoPac club for the Tim Irish Award. Those who demonstrate the Spirit of Curling are eligible for nomination. The selected honorees shall be named by Memorial Day and shall receive an engraved award in June along with regional recognition for their efforts.

So, it’s here! Time to nominate your favorite person who has demonstrated the Spirit of Curling in a meaningful way. Please tell us about your nominee and why they are deserving of this region-wide thanks. Nominations close May 21st at 11:59 pm PDT. NOMINATION BALLOTS HERE!