Playdown being held at Evergreen Curling Club; Beaverton, OR

Participating Teams
Team Carr (Boise C.C.)
Team Heuermann (Coyotes C.C.)
Team Walsh (San Francisco Bay Area C.C.)
[Full team rosters can be found at Bonspieler link below]

Friday December 13th
6:00pm Heuermann v Walsh

Saturday December 14th
8:00am Carr v Heuermann
12:00pm Walsh v Carr
4:00pm Walsh v Heuermann
8:00pm Heuermann v Carr

Sunday December 15th
9:00am Carr v Walsh
12:30am Tiebreak Game (if necessary)

Games are being streamed live via Evergreen’s UStream Channel
Live Scoring and Updated Standings will be available at

Event Format

The Women’s MoPac Club Nationals Playdown will be a Double Round Robin.  A Double Knockout Provision will be employed.  Any team with less than 2 losses will be eligible for a Tiebreak Game and no team can be eliminated until they have 2 losses.  Any team with 2 or more losses after the RR will be eliminated.  Should the 3 teams end up 2-2 after the DblRR, using the DKO Provision, one will be eliminated from a Tiebreak on DSC rankings and the remaining two teams will play for the Championship.  (DSC: avg of a team’s pre-draw Last Shot Draws for hammer, excluding their worst).

Should there be only one clear winner with less than 2 losses after the RR ‘and’ the remaining two teams are tied on record, they will play a Tiebreak to determine 2nd place in case an extra berth is awarded…otherwise, possible 2nd berth will be awarded to a clear 2nd place should those teams have different records.

MoPac Women’s Club Nat Draw Sched

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