black and white photo of Jerome Larson
Photo courtesy of Cory Fischer taken at SFBACC Grand Opening Bonspiel finals- 9/24/2022 (Original in color)

How do you mourn a legend and regional founding father? Jerome Larson was more than the ‘Johnny Appleseed’ of curling in the West, or a U.S.Curling Hall of Fame inductee and more than a founding father of the region we now call the Mountain Pacific Curling Association (MoPac). He was a friend. He was a supporter. To many, he was a figure much larger than his small frame would suggest. He was one of the best representatives the sport of curling could hope to have in the West.

His passing this week shook the communities of curlers who owe their clubs’ origin, their clubs’ growth, and even their knowledge of the existence of the game, to Jerome. He helped to grow the sport of curling not only by providing stones, training the trainers, donating everything from equipment to raffle items, supporting arena curlers, coaching players on every aspect of the game, and bringing the West’s presence to a USCA national leadership stage, but in showing us the heart behind the sport. He led by example in his kind and friendly way; he loved to talk to each person and discover a connection. No one was turned away. He always made time to stop and talk curling, watch a game with absorbing interest, ask how you were doing or just give you a hug and a smile. 

He beamed with pride when he saw the next generations succeeding in the many aspects of the sport. He marveled at the sport’s growth and would often say how happy and proud he was to see the success of the game in the Western states. Even when he could no longer play, his curling spirit remained strong. Many curlers have shared their memories of Jerome. We hope more will. As yet, memorial services information is not known. However, on behalf of the regional organization we hope when each club next meets that curlers raise a glass in Jerome’s honor and toast the man who made a lasting and positive impact on MoPac and beyond.  

Good game, Jerome!

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Tribute to Jerome Larson
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