MoPAC membership has increased over the past two years which means we now have enough membership to have a second representative on the USCA Board. This is a non paid position, as are all club representatives on the USCA Board.

Duties include: traveling for meetings (usually cost not covered), participating in various committees, and more…..

To be fair to all who may be interested in serving in this capacity, we are
asking that you post this information on your web sites and/or send it out to
all your members. MoPAC will select the representative from all the names that
we receive. Ask anyone interested to send me a brief resume that we can review
to make that determination. It may be sent by e-mail: with an attachment or by regular mail.

Mailing address:
Don Eshelby
MoPac Secretary/Ttreasurer
1931 Mortimer Court, Boise Idaho 83712.
The deadline for submission of names and material is June 15th , 2011.

USCA Board Representative Election