As the year comes to an end, we wish all curlers happy and safe holidays. We also bring you the following message from the Regional Board’s President:

Yes, Virginia, there is a Spirit of Curling. It lies in the palm of a handshake or fist bump at the first wording of “Good curling.” In times when we no longer speak of certain things without fierce disagreement there is a spirit, though battered, of kindly smiles and “you almost had it” praises on shots gone awry and nods of “well done” on shots gone as planned.

And what is the game at any rate? A couple of hours on icy rivers where stones live and brooms wave their granite to glory. The focus is not on the monetary cost. Nor is the focus typically on anything but the next shot or this end or the next end. This year, however, the focus was also off-ice as several contentious votes and battles often strained friendships. Even so, let’s remember those friendships with happy nostalgia and work to mend and strengthen them once more through that small shard of curling spirit which lies dormant waiting for its time – the spirit which surfaces as soon as a curler steps on the ice.

To not believe in the Spirit of Curling is unthinkable. It would not be the same game. It creates a bond between anyone who calls themselves a curler – no matter the club or region or country. While the spirit of the holidays makes people joyous and generous it may often be short-lived for the season but the Spirit of Curling is for all days. So for all days I wish you “Good Curling, my friend.”  See you in 2023.

Spirit of Curling Message
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