Several weeks have passed since the Members Assembly meeting. During this time MoPac Board members continue to receive not only questions about the Assembly but also other questions about the MoPac governance and role. To better assist curlers in the region explore the role of the regional body, the MoPac Board decided to host a MoPac Curlers’ Forum to give all curlers, not just the club representatives, a chance to meet the Board and discuss issues of relevance to curlers.  The Forum is scheduled for Saturday, December 3, 2022 at 5:00 pm PST/6:00 pm MST.  

For those who are not able to attend but who still have lingering questions about MoPac’s involvement with the Members’ Assembly, we have enclosed a detailed discussion in this message.  We hope this answers some of the more commonly asked questions about this year’s Assembly.

For its part MoPac delegates attended and voted which became the source of some controversy post-meeting. In an attempt to help curlers understand the happenings of that meeting we wish to provide you with a rundown of the meeting’s votes and aftermath. 

The GNCC vote.

Determination of the GNCC vote was done by means of a survey sent to all MoPac club representatives. The survey was sent out on August 29, 2022 and clubs were given until October 1, 2022 to vote on the proposition. When the vote closed, the MoPac Board examined the percentages of yes/no votes and board representatives were chosen by the Board to attend the Members Assembly and cast votes based on the yes/no survey percentages. The MoPac Board sent an email to all MoPac club representatives explaining the proposed vote. This was sent on October 3, 2022 so clubs, through their representatives, knew of the MoPac’s vote prior to the Members Assembly. At the Assembly, the delegates gave the assigned vote.

The Vote on the Vote Measure.

This measure was not originally planned, rather it was raised as an impromptu motion. As a result, the yes/no split used for the GNCC measure wasn’t applied to this motion.  During the chaotic meeting, questions of individual club membership votes arose. At one point there were several motions on the table as well as other delegates questioning their own allocated votes. In addition many people held side conversations with delegates, asking questions, providing comments etc. which created a sense, if not a real, atmosphere of frustration and chaos. Those delegates responsible for casting votes were simultaneously receiving questions and comments through emails and texts. Prior to the vote on the motion, the delegates discussed their vote. Mistakenly the motion was thought to cover only the club from the delegate making the motion. The no vote was cast because it did not appear fair that one club be allowed their motion to add

their votes while other clubs could not.  After the mistake was identified, MoPac submitted a written request to have their vote changed and submitted information as to their reasoning and the circumstances surrounding the vote.

We hope this information clarifies questions about the vote situation. Again, we plan to host a MoPac Curlers’ Forum on December 3rd at 5:00 pm PST/6:00 MST to discuss any lingering questions. 

Thank you,

Sonia Montero, President

Dr. Pete Hicks, Vice-President

Stefan Brems, Secretary

Matthew Merkle, Treasurer

Jay Diamond, Director-At-Large

Beki Horsman, Director-At-Large

Julie Mcann, Director-At-Large

Ryan Olson, Director-At-Large

BriAnna Weldon, Past President

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