5 and Under

MoPac 5-Under 2015
4th annual MoPac 5-Under Bonspiel – April 18-19, 2015
Granite Curling Club; Seattle, WA

The 5-Under Committee is pleased to announce registration will open for the MoPac 5-Under on Sunday, December 14th
[Registration will open at 9:00 am using the link below]
MoPac 5-Under GoogleDoc Registration Form Link

The 4th Annual MoPac 5-Under will take place in Seattle, WA (Granite Curling Club) on April 18-19, 2015.

Entry fee will be $260 per team (no individual player payments please)

Below are the eligibility rules (which includes the method by which we determine one’s ‘years experience’)…for reference.

We are looking to keep the same draw structure and time window for a 20 team maximum.
Winners and Runners up will be determined in 4 Event Finals.
Registration is first-come, first-served
The event will include dinner on Saturday night and a 60-90 minute curling ‘clinic’ on Sunday before the Finals.
(plan on being present and ready to play from 8am Saturday until at least 3pm Sunday; all event finals are currently scheduled to start at 12:30 pm Sunday)

Any questions can be directed to:
Michael Lively – SFBACC (livem1@yahoo.com)
P: 415-606-9884

Please consider following the these social media outlets…as MoPac info/news/events are almost always posted there first.
MoPac Curling Assoc. via Facebook: MoPac
MoPac Curling Assoc. via twitter: MoPac Curling
MoPac 5-Under via twitter: MoPac5u

We look forward to seeing you there!

MoPac 5-Under Committee
Larry Lieberman – HCC
Michael Lively – SFBACC
Jonathan Ochoco – SFBACC
Joe Smith – WCCC

1. Members having curled more than (5) curling seasons shall not be eligible to compete.
(Please don’t confuse ‘season’ with ‘how many years have I curled?’)
a). The curling ‘season’ starts every May 1st and ends April 30th the following year.
(this need not be ‘continuous’ seasons curling and includes ALL indiv. games, leagues and bonspiels within each May 1 to following year’s April 30 time period)
b). Ten (10) or more games anywhere/anytime during a ‘season’ constitutes 1 season of experience
c). Junior curling but not Youth Curling, curling experience counts towards the five (5) curling seasons.

2. Each participant is responsible for determining his/her eligibility and is on the ‘honor system’ for 2015 and shall be certified to the MoPac C.A. 5-Under Committee, using the registration entry form and past records.

3. Each member of the team must be in good standing and a current dues paying member of a club in MoPac.

Eligibility Example:
Curler ‘x’ started curling in January, 2014…and it is December, 2014. Curler ‘x’ may be assuming they haven’t curled even a ‘year’ yet….so, 1 year (or even 0) is written.

However, this needs to be broken down to ‘seasons’. In this case, May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014 and May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015. If Curler ‘x’ played 10 or more games between Jan 2014 and April 30, 2014…that counts for 1 ‘season’ experience. If they have played 10 or more games (or will play by the time of the 5-Under) between May 1, 2014 and this coming April 30, 2015…that will be 2 ‘seasons’ of experience that should be designated in the form.

It’s a bit confusing for us arena curlers that often curl all year long. It’s much easier for dedicated ice clubs that melt their ice in April every year and start up again in the fall…..to keep track of how many seasons they’ve been playing. For us, it’s entirely possible for a curler to have started in January of some year and stopped in July of that year and gained 2 seasons of experience. Again, feel free to ask questions if it’s unclear.

Note: In the past 3 years, every player has done their best to use this formula and apply it accurately. We have no problem working through this with any participant individually if there are any questions. In some cases, experience has been less or more than a person originally calc’d…but, mostly spot on. The committee has appreciated everyone’s efforts in taking the time to use the guidelines and apply them to their best of their ability for accurate reporting in the spirit of fairness to past, present and future participants…again, it’s been really appreciated!

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1st Round Match-ups and Draw
3rd annual MoPac 5-Under Bonspiel – April 26-27, 2014
Granite Curling Club; Seattle, WA

The 5-Under Committee is pleased to announce the Draw for the 2014 MoPac 5-Under
(All teams assigned randomly into the 20-team format)
click on text links below for the A+D events, B+C events and the Team Rosters PDFs

Looking forward to seeing everyone up there next month!

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Draw: Events A + D
5U 2014 (A+D) pdf
5U 2014 (A+D)

Draw: Events B + C
5U 2014 (B+C) pdf
5U 2014 (B+C)

Team Rosters
5U 2014 (Team Rosters) pdf
5U 2014 (Team Rosters)


3rd annual MoPac 5-Under Bonspiel – April 26-27, 2014
Granite Curling Club; Seattle, WA

Registration is now open!
(deadline is April 1, 2014)

Per team fees:
$240 – Jan 10 to Feb 9, 2014
$260 – Feb 10 to April 1, 2014.
(payment info on registration form)

Open to current MoPac club members.
Please have at least 3 players prior to signing up
….contact me if you are a single or a pair looking for a team.

Event window is 8am Saturday to 3:30 pm ‘out the door’ on Sunday (+/-)….we’ll use all of what we’re given!
Follow news on the event here and on twitter at @MoPac5u

Please Read the registration form thouroughly and look for the section on how to determine each player’s ‘years of experience’
Feel free to ask questions….

– 20 team max
– 4 events with Winner/Runner-up Pin awards
– 3 game minimum (and you might be ‘lucky’ enough to get 6)
– Double Takeout Balloon and prize for each draw
– ‘Burnt Hog’ hog rock jar will be back for year 2!
– Catered dinner provided Saturday night (we’ll be looking to add lunch this year…if feasible/useful)
– Snacks provided
– Sunday instructional clinic
– Finals to be ‘toasted and piped’ (to be confirmed)

4 Sportmanship Award Pins to be given out (format to be determined)

(example of event w/ru and sportsmanship pins)

Also, if you have any ideas on ‘extras’ we can add to this event on the social side….pass them along!

Good Curling and we’ll look forward to seeing everyone up in the Emerald City!
Questions/Comments: Michael Lively

2nd annual 2013 MoPac 5-Under Bonspiel – April 20-21, 2013

Looking to meet up with some fellow new-ish MoPac curlers?
Get your team a bit of experience against like skilled opponents?
Get a bit of dedicated ice time!?

Registration for the 2013 MoPac 5-Under Bonspiel will open December 20, 2012 at 12 noon!!
It will be held once again on dedicated ice courtesy of Granite Curling Club in Seattle.
Format is ‘open’, 3-game minimum, 4 events with award pins to event finalists.
**20 team max** (last year we had 18; 17 from MoPac)
Dinner provided on Saturday Night
[We may again have some instructional skills component to the event…if demand warrants (more on that later)]

Registration will be $220 for teams registering by Jan 30th, 2013
Registration will be $260 for teams registering on Feb 1st or later.
(payments can be made via check/PayPal)

The results for MoPac’s first annual ‘5 and Under’ bonspiel, April 21-22, 2012 at Granite Curling Club in Seattle.

First Event Winner (1EW) Mike Greenberg, Phil Lorin, Roland Gong, Ralston Barnes
Club affiliation San Francisco Bay Area CC
First Event Runner-up (1ERU) Jesus Barajas, Jessica Tudor, Evan Elliot, Kate Garfinkel
Club affiliation San Francisco Bay Area CC

Second Event Winner (2EW) Andy Trapani, Danny Trapani, Chris Trapani, Michael Fox
Club affiliation San Francisco Bay Area CC
Second Event Runner-up (2ERU) Matt Gamboa, Peter Hagstrand, John George, Ashlee George
Club affiliation Hollywood Curling

Third Event Winner (3EW) Amanda Calhoun, Adriana Camarena, Stephen Wolff, Olivia Wolff
Club affiliation Orange County CC (Skip), San Francisco Bay Area CC, Curl San Diego
Third Event Runner-up (3ERU) David Wiesen, Adam Kapp, Dan Myers, Chris Mina
Club affiliation San Francisco Bay Area CC

Fourth Event Winner (4EW) Tom Dias, Brian Davidson, Matt Dance, Kate Gardiner
Club affiliation San Francisco Bay Area CC
Fourth Event Runner-up (4ERU) Joe Petsche, Patton Echoles, Patrick Julian
Club affiliation Evergreen CC

Congratulations, hope to see all of you, and many more on the next on the next one!

Mikael Lively and Nick Kitinski
MoPac 5& Under Chair