Event Information:

  • Dates of Playdown: December 13-16, 2018 (both Women’s and Men’s)
  • Host: Coyotes Curling Club, Tempe, Arizona
  • National Event: March 9-16, 2019 (Dakota Curling Club, Lakeville, Minnesota)


  • Registration open 9/5/2018 – 11/14/2018. Early Bird Registration Ends 10/31/2018.
  • Registration fee $110 (USCA fee) + $37.50 (Regional fee) = $147.50 per player
  • Register online on the USCA registration site, Blue Sombrero (http://leagues.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=769668)

General Rules & Procedures:

  • 5-Rock Rule: The 5-rock rule will be enforced at WCF Events, USCA National Events and all playdowns leading to WCF and USCA National Events.
  • Brushing Equipment: All players are required to use WCF and USCA compliant brush heads. Brushing and equipment guidelines which will be enforced at national championships and events leading to championships.
  • MoPac Berths: The USA Curling Club National Championships are a regional-based, geographic championship aimed at determining our top teams from within the USCA regions and/or states. Teams moves through the playdown process via the traditional state and regional championships. This event does not lead to a world championship. The U.S. Club National Championships debuted in 2005. The United States Curling Association (USCA) has allotted the Mountain Pacific Curling Association Region (MoPac) one (1) mens’ and one (1) womens’ berth to the national event.
  • Eligibility: Entry is open to dues-paying, league playing club members from the same club in both a mens’ and womens’ event.
  • National Event Information: Can be found online at the USCA webpage for the Club National Championships.
  • Teams are responsible for all travel costs and meals.

For more information contact mopacca.competitions@gmail.com