Team Composition/Player Eligibility:

Please refer to the USCA ‘Rules Booklet’ for eligibility criteria.

This is not a complete list of requirements.
However, of note:
– All team members must be dues-paying members of the USCA affiliated club listed as part of the registration process
– U.S. citizenship is required. A Mixed curling team consists of two men and
two women. The throwing order must alternate genders

For the 2016-17 Championship Season, teams applying to play mixed in a certain region were not subject to a ‘USCA ruling’ on playing in that region if all 4 team members or a majority of registered team members were residing in and affiliated with clubs in that region. A ‘request for ruling’ was required if team composition fell under any of the scenarios listed below:

  1. A team is comprised of four players, two players each from two Regions (and/or States);
  2. A team is comprised of five players, two players each from two Regions (and/or States) and another player from a third Region (and/or State); or
  3. A team is comprised of four (or five) players, each from four (or five) separate Regions (and/or States).
  4. A player will generally be considered to reside where he or she lives.

Changes to those rules may be forthcoming in the 2016-17 Rules Booklet.