The Secretary is a Board Officer. While the Secretary maintains the official records, the position also plays an important role in the day-to-day operation of the Association.

Duties include:

A. Keeping a record of all meetings of the Association, which include, but are not limited to, meetings of the  Board of Directors alone, meetings of the Board of Directors together with the Member Representative Assemblies (ie quarterly and annual meetings) and any meetings deemed necessary for the official record.

  • Work during meetings includes: taking roll call, keeping minutes.
  • Work outside of meetings includes: maintaining the Association’s  correspondence, contracts, petitions, and any associated documents and other evidence. 

B. Maintaining the current contact list of all club representatives. 

C. Updating email listserv contacts for all club representatives and committees.

D. Communicating with the Treasurer on yearly non profit Secretary of State filings. 

E. Co-monitoring general inquiries received from website’s 

F. Preparing quarterly Members Representative Assembly agenda in consultation with the President.

G. Sending reminders and announcements such as those announcing quarterly meetings or messages to the membership or specific committees.

H. Processing petitions from clubs who wish to join the region.

I. Monitoring and receiving legal documents from organization’s Agent for service of process and ensuring Agent/address is renewed.

J. Updating contact information on Association’s website.

K. Distributing minutes to club representatives. 

L. Responding to requests for Association documents.

M. Preparing voting ballots for Board and Members Assembly, as needed and maintaining vote results.

N. Conducting the MoPac elections in term years where the office of President is up for election. 

O. Performing other duties as are usually performed by secretaries of such Corporations.

The Secretary may serve as a Club Representative but may also be a club member separate from their club’s representative.

As an officer the Secretary is subject to a background check. 

Secretary must also maintain current their SafeSport certification.

The Secretary must be a member in good standing of a club which sits within the MoPac Club Representative Membership.