The Vice President is a Board officer on the MoPac Board of Directors.

The Vice President is tasked with assisting the President’s duties as they arise. This makes the description of job duties a bit difficult to capture. There are certain enumerated tasks the Vice President must undertake:

A. If the President is absent or unable to take a meeting, the Vice President, shall preside at all meetings of the Association, and at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Representative Assembly. 

B. The VP chairs the International Tankard Selections Committee.

C. The VP sits on the Western Director Selection Committee.

D. The VP must attend all quarterly Board and Member Representative meetings.

E. Duties as assigned by the President.

The VP may serve as a Club Representative but may also be a club member separate from their club’s representative.

As an officer the VP is subject to a background check. 

The VP must maintain current their SafeSport Certification.

The VP must be a member in good standing of a club which sits within the MoPac Club Representative Membership.