Club Nationals

MoPac Men’s & Women’s Club Nationals Update (8.21.12)
Greetings MoPac Curlers,
Below is all sorts of useful information regarding MoPac playdowns for the 2012-2013 competitive season.


MoPac has scheduled Men’s and Women’s Playdowns to be held at Evergreen Curling Club; Portland, OR
Women’s – January 11-13
Men’s – January 18-21
Number of days for each event will be finalized based on number of registered teams after September 30th.
Registration Deadlines
Registrations will open on August 27, 2012. All registrations for these events must be received by September 30.
(Registrations will be done via a google doc form: link)
Regional fee due by 9/30: $180 per team
USCA fee due between 9/30 and 1/9: $320-$360
Total cost per team: $500-$540
Registration Process
Initial registration will be through the MoPac website, which is where your regional fee will be paid.  The regional fee covers the cost of putting on the event, and this will be required via check or PayPal by September 30 to hold your spot.  The USCA fee of $360 is in addition to the regional fee, and is due by their January 9 deadline.  Teams should wait until after September 30 to register with the USCA because we will not have a firm number of participants locked down until then.
We encourage everyone who wants to participate in the event to register, but ultimately we are limited by time constraints and ice availability.  If too many teams register for the event then we will limit the number of teams per club using a progressive lottery, which is further described in detail below.
Because of this limitation, if your club is sending more than one team, it would be in your best interest to rank these teams internally, either through a playdown process or some other method.  We are anticipating that all teams that register will be able to compete, but we cannot make that guarantee at this time
If your team registers on the MoPac website and is ultimately not able to compete in the playdown due to space limitations, then your regional fee will be refunded.  If you prematurely register with the USCA, we will not be able to refund that money.  There may be mitigating circumstances that warrant a refund beyond the listed reasons, but these refunds will need to be approved by the MoPac board of directors.
Progressive Lottery
Due to restrictions on venue size and/or date availability, it may not be possible for every eligible team to compete in the MoPac Playdowns. All actively curling MoPac clubs will be allowed at least 1 team into MoPac playdowns. A progressive lottery will be used to allocate additional berths. If there is space after each club has their first team accepted, all 2nd teams will be accepted unless we reach our maximum allotment. If we go over our determined max, then all clubs with 2nd teams will be put into a hat and names will be drawn until the maximum is met. We will use this method for each additional round of berths (3rd, 4th, etc… until the allotments are filled. Therefore, each club with more than one interested team will have to find an internal method for ‘ranking’ all of their teams.


Results from MoPac Club Nationals January 13-15, 2012

Women’s Results:
1. Team Coleman (SFBACC, 5-1)
Gabrielle Coleman, Regan Mizuno, TC Altus, Stacey MacNeil
2. Team Walsh (SFBACC, 5-2)
Sarah Walsh, Kim Chapin, Emily Kimmel, Emily Schermerhorn
3. Team Messier (Hollywood, 4-3)                                                                                 Marissa Messier, Cindy Wood, Jennifer Gamboa, Donna Umali, Katie Kerr
4. Team Smith (San Diego, 3-3)                                                                                      Stefanie Smith, Kelly McCormack, Marychello Brown, Francesca Somma


Men’s Results:
1. Team Taggart (Ogden, 5-0)                                                                                                Charles Taggart, Mark Rubey, Timothy Irish, Ben Womack
2. Team Mendoza (Hollywood, 5-1)                                                                                     Paul Mendoza, Ryan Berdan, Matt Gamboa, Timothy Mendoza
3. Team Seeger (SFBACC, 4-2)
Wes Seeger, Mike Greenberg, Phil Lorin, Brian Patrick
4. Team Wiesen (SFBACC, 3-2)
Dave Wiesen, Alex Baxter, Adam Kapp, Nick Ryan

Top two teams from each gender goes on to the Club Nationals Mankato, March 3-10, 2012. Good Luck!