2019 | No Regional Playdown
National Event: March 12-17, 2019 at the Chaska Curling Center, Chaska, Minnesota

Registration Information:

  • Registration will occur through application to MoPac. MoPac is requiring that interested and committed teams submit an application by 11:59PM (PST) November 15, 2018. To submit, email completed application package to competitions@mopacca.org.
  • Download the application: 2019_U18-MoPacApplicationInstructions (Word Doc)

Event Information:

  • Brushing Equipment: The WCF and USCA have issued new brushing and equipment guidelines which will be enforced at national championships and events leading to championships.
  • MoPac Berths: The USCA U18 National Championships are a regional-based, geographic championship aimed at determining our top under 18-aged teams from within the USCA regions. See section 5 below. U18 National Champions do not advance to world play. The United States Curling Association (USCA) has allotted the Mountain Pacific Curling Association Region (MoPac) one (1) boys’ and one (1) girls’ berth to the national event.
  • Eligibility: Any player who is less than 18 years of age at any time during the 30th day of June of the year immediately preceding the year (June 30, 2018) the competition is to take place, and is a citizen of the United States as of registration deadline. All players must be league-playing member of a USCA member club within MoPac.
  • National Event Rules: Can be found online at the USCA webpage. Or u18-rules
  • Teams are responsible for all travel costs and meals.

Team Selection Information:

  • A selection committee, consisting of curlers from multiple MoPac Clubs will consider the following when making team selections: past curling history (including league, bonspiel, competitive play, participation in camps or other training), history of playing together as a team, willingness to grow and improve the sport, and positive representation of the spirit of curling.
  • There will be no playdown for this event. Because of the geographic size of the region, we do not want to place more burden on junior teams as playdowns require additional travel costs and time away from school. This decision was modelled by the Optimist U18 event and may be changed in future years based on interest and feedback from participating teams.
  • All members of teams selected, except in cases of major injury, illness, or other exceptional circumstance, are expected to participate in the U18 National Championships. If it becomes known that a player on a team that is selected submitted their name as part of the application process with no intention of moving on to the championship, the team may be disqualified.