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52nd International Tankard Representatives Announced

MoPac has announced it’s Representatives for the 52nd International Tankard to take place at the Cowichian CC on Victoria Island, BC (March 5-7, 2014)

Please see the full release on the International Tankard page

REMINDER: International Tankard

52nd Anniversary International Tankard – March 7-9, 2014

MoPac is now accepting applications to be submitted to the International Tankard Committee. The International Tankard is a friendly competition between the two regions, Washington State and British Columbia. Teams are made up of club members whose volunteer efforts have furthered the sport of curling at a local, national or international level. The Committee will choose 4 members to represent MoPac at the Tankard. A first alternate will also be selected in the event one of the members is unable to attend. The 2014 Tankard will be held at the Cowichian CC on Victoria Island.

Nominations are limited to those who have made significant contributions to their club or to the sport of Curling. You can nominate any MoPac members or yourself.

Please send your application by December 18, 2013, with the following to

  • Name:
  • Club Affiliation:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Has the nominee ever participated in the Tankard?
  • If YES, what year?
  • Please write a short paragraph or two of what contribution(s) the nominee has done for the sport:

MoPac Women’s Club Nat Draw Sched

Playdown being held at Evergreen Curling Club; Beaverton, OR

Participating Teams
Team Carr (Boise C.C.)
Team Heuermann (Coyotes C.C.)
Team Walsh (San Francisco Bay Area C.C.)
[Full team rosters can be found at Bonspieler link below]

Friday December 13th
6:00pm Heuermann v Walsh

Saturday December 14th
8:00am Carr v Heuermann
12:00pm Walsh v Carr
4:00pm Walsh v Heuermann
8:00pm Heuermann v Carr

Sunday December 15th
9:00am Carr v Walsh
12:30am Tiebreak Game (if necessary)

Games are being streamed live via Evergreen’s UStream Channel
Live Scoring and Updated Standings will be available at

Event Format

The Women’s MoPac Club Nationals Playdown will be a Double Round Robin.  A Double Knockout Provision will be employed.  Any team with less than 2 losses will be eligible for a Tiebreak Game and no team can be eliminated until they have 2 losses.  Any team with 2 or more losses after the RR will be eliminated.  Should the 3 teams end up 2-2 after the DblRR, using the DKO Provision, one will be eliminated from a Tiebreak on DSC rankings and the remaining two teams will play for the Championship.  (DSC: avg of a team’s pre-draw Last Shot Draws for hammer, excluding their worst).

Should there be only one clear winner with less than 2 losses after the RR ‘and’ the remaining two teams are tied on record, they will play a Tiebreak to determine 2nd place in case an extra berth is awarded…otherwise, possible 2nd berth will be awarded to a clear 2nd place should those teams have different records.

MoPac Men’s Club Nat Draw Sched

Playdown being held at Evergreen Curling Club; Beaverton, OR

Thursday December 5th
5:30pm [Huntress v Wiesen] [Endicott v Mansell]
8:15pm [Smoltz v Horsman] [Kapp v Maxie] [Huntress v Derby]

Friday December 6th
8:00am [Endicott v Dolan] [Wiesen v Smoltz]
11:30am [Mansell v Kapp] [Maxie v Endicott] [Horsman v Huntress]
3:00pm [Derby v Wiesen] [Dolan v Mansell]
6:30p [Smoltz v Huntress] [Horsman v Derby] [Maxie v Dolan]

Saturday December 7th
8:00am [Mansell v Maxie] [Wiesen v Horsman] [Kapp v Endicott]
11:30am [Dolan v Kapp] [Derby v Smoltz]
3:00pm Tiebreaker and/or Playoff Games
6:30p Playoff Games (if necessary)

Sunday December 8th
8:00am Playoff Games (if necessary)
11:30am Playoff Games (if necessary)

Games are being streamed live via Evergreen’s UStream Channel
Live Scoring and Updated Standings will be available at
More info on the event can be found on the Men’s Info – Club Nationals 2014 page

Portland Hotel Information

Hotel information for playdowns has been updated on the various championship pages.

MoPac Regional Events

Dates and locations have been determined and posted for the following 2013-14 events:
Men’s and Women’s Club National Regionals
Mixed Regional
Junior Regionals
and the MoPac 5-Under Competition
– please check out the Competitions page for more information.


MoPac is currently seeking a new board member to act as Secretary for the region.  This will be a non-voting position, just like the current President and Vice President roles. 

The Secretary position plays a critical role in fostering communication and diligence through proper management and utilization of important records such as meeting minutes and the organization’s bylaws. 

Responsibilities include is responsible for keeping accurate meeting minutes for approximately 4 meetings per year.  These meetings take place via conference call.  Additionally, any bylaw changes that are approved by the board should be updated in the official bylaws and published for general consumption.  Further detail can be provided upon request. 

To nominate yourself or someone else, please send an email to  Nominations will close on May 1, 2013, and the election will take place a short time after.  This position will serve a two year term.

MoPac Spring Board Meeting

The MoPac Spring Board meeting will be held on Monday, April 8, at 7PM (PT) via conference call.

International Tankard

Congratulations to the following MoPac curlers who have been selected to participate in the International Tankard at the Golden Ears Curling Club in Maple Ridge, BC.  Your contributions to your respective clubs and the region as a whole are greatly appreciated!

  • Marissa Messier (Hollywood Curling Club)
  • Michael Lively (San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club)
  • Wayne Brock (Evergreen Curling Club)
  • Keith LaFortune (Evergreen Curling Club)
  • Eric Toews (Evergreen Curling Club)

MoPac Men’s Playdowns – Updated Standings

The MoPac Men’s playdown Round Robin is complete.  Updated standings and playoff bracket posted HERE.

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