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The 23 Rocky Mountain Bonspiel is adding a new component this year – Camp and Curl!  The 3-game guarantee spiel takes place April 22nd to the 24th on the scenic Weber State Campus area of Ogden, Utah. This year the Ogden Curling Club has secured a large campground on a nearby 84-acre site. Happy curling campers will enjoy a game and then chow down on BBQ as they enjoy the beauty of the Fort Buenaventura area or indulge in a 18-hole disk golf competition.  As Club members will tell you “having the best arena ice you can have on hockey ice” means teams playing the following weekend at Arena Nationals can play in the Rocky Mountain spiel as a last training opportunity before Nationals event.  Good ice isn’t an exaggeration; the ice magicians at Ogden will have a three-day prep to ensure the ice is not only good, but memorable. And to help share love for the sport anyone who wants to volunteer can also stay and participate in an adaptive Learn-to-Curl event. So register now! 

Come camp & curl!

The Rocky Mountain Bonspiel goes CAMPING! (Curling and many picnics!)